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Fishing Forever

Fly over the Pier

Renderings by Brook Zais


The Peachland Pier will be the first of its kind on Okanagan Lake, and will add accessibility to spectacular view from Peachland’s downtown waterfront.  


Building a destination for the families, meeting the needs of the disabled,   elderly and children. A gathering place for photos, relaxing and maybe a romantic meeting
Fishing Forever also wants to help spread the message, within the community of people with disabilities, that you can still get out and enjoy the natural offerings around you. 
​ Life is to be enjoyed!

"What people are saying"
Looking forward to this!!
Only place I can fish as I have a walker and wheelchair
Love it!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Wonderful idea! Great addition & I do believe it is affordable. Could imagine teaching our grandson to fish. You are thinking 40 years in the future.
I think this is a wonderful idea. Can hardly wait to take grandchildren fishing in a safe environment!

Great idea. Let’s do it!
Will be great! Keep moving forward!! Looking forward to walking, fishing with grandchildren on this pier!! Good work.
Terrific idea!
Great idea
Look forward to it

Looks great!